When Should You Consider All Over Print T-Shirts?

05 Feb

People seems to be looking for something new. Now, here's something you can today- the all over print t-shirts. This type of printing lets designers to make t-shirts exciting like new before. But, do you have any idea how they do it?

This new kind of printing is not the same with screen printing, transfer printing or DTG. These old ways paste the designs or inject them in the fabric, and there the prints are done. They are quite easy to do since a blank space surrounds the design and when the machines work, it's easy to see. But what about when the print is all over the t-shirt? In this article, the basics will be explained.

All over print is used for garment with entire prints on it. This would simply mean the the print reaches even the places where the regular prints don't, from the seam to the zippers. Checking these places can help you identify an all over print.

On a flat surface, the t-shirt is layered and then prints on the top of the shirt. All elements exposed to the ink is printed but other areas like the hems won't. In case you notice t-shirts with prints on the hem and the garment's interior, then it must be printed before sewn by the tailor. This is a traditional way. To learn more, visit http://www.dictionary.com/browse/tee--shirt.

It is wrong to confuse oversized print with all over print because the first aims to exceed the regular prints. This is usually achieved with the use of large screens and print from the neck to the bottom of the t-shirt, but doesn't touch the seams, read more now!

Now, when should you consider all over printing?

Well, all over printing is best when you have a design wants to portray the sense of infinity or continuity. Graphic designers call this "bleed" which creates an illusion of existing that surpass the canvas' borders. All over printing has prints all over the t-shirt. It is very interesting especially when creating bold statements.

All over printing has allows a wide range of possibilities. However, you have to understand that it's still newly developed and so there are few faults to be refined. The process in printing can be quite delicate since any wrinkle on the shirt can mess up the prints leaving white spots than colored prints.  So, the one who conducts the process must be extra careful. The t-shirt should be perfectly flat on the surface to achieve a very interesting all over print t-shirt. Visit page!

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